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DBA Manager
• Over All 14+ years of IT Experience which includes 9+ Years of experience on Oracle Database Administration, design, implementation, configuration, installation, performance tuning, backup & recovery & Disaster Recovery (DR) for ORACLE V8 to V11G on all Unix/Windows Platforms and MS SQL.
• Core competence in IT Project Management, Implementation and Service Support for Database oriented Software Solutions
• Extensive expertise as Database Architect exploring recent & update technologies for development of schemas, triggers, stored procedures, functions, packages, managing tablespaces, managing users/roles/privileges, exception handling, concurrency issues etc.
• Demonstrated Leadership & Team Management aptitude in leading cross-cultural teams through planning, scheduling, tasking, training, driving, monitoring, feedback, motivation & mentoring.
• Self motivated Team Player with quickLearning Curve along with analytical, problem solving, trouble shooting, communication & interpersonal skills.
• Extensive experience in handling DBA Teams and currently heading DB services for client related projects.
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