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Prabhu Ramasamy

Satmetrix Software Services Limited
Solution Architect, Professional Services
Prabhu Ramasamy is a servant leader with 10 years of rich IT experience and posing strengths as an agile learner. Presently working as Solution Architect at Satmetrix for Professional services team, he is responsible for customer engagement and delivery.Being a certified Net Promoter Associate, he helps organization by implementing custom solutions for leading CRM framework like Salesforce and MS Dynamics CRM that drive customer retention, improve customer affinity and maximize positive word-of-mouth to deliver overall improvements in customer lifetime value. Working in an Agile environment as a scrum master, he also proved his ability in agile project management with an technical expertise on Oracle Database design, Performance tuning and PLSQL Programming. He also possesses diversified technical background and ability to Design and Implement database related solutions that decrease costs, increase performance and positively affect the bottom line.
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