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Rajashekhar Malekop

Eprentise Software Pvt Ltd, India
Sr. Director (Product Architecture)
Orlando-Florida-USA, Bangalore
Rajashekhar Malekop (Raj) is a Post Graduate in Computer Science field, currently serving as ‘Sr. Director of Product Architecture’ at Eprentise LLC Orlando Florida USA / eprentise Software Pvt. Ltd Bangalore India. He has been in to design, architecting and deployment of the solution products for Oracle EBS Configuration changes in already implemented and fully functional Oracle EBS modules- from the past 11 years. Products designed and architected by him include Accounting Calendar Changes, Consolidation of Instances, Merge, Divest and Reorganize data at various levels and different Flexfield changes (changes which are otherwise not directly supported in Oracle EBS).He  participates in customer requirement analysis for their desired changes in EBS implementation and transforms the requirements in to generic solution products. In the development center - he guides the development team, tests and validates the results. He participates in the product deployment and executions from test to Go Live runs of the EBS customers across the globe.

He would like to discuss if there is a need to change something in EBS (Post-implementation) which is either not directly supported or seems difficult to change or which drives towards a re-implementation.
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