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Vineet Marwah

Oracle Corporation
Product Manager
Vineet Marwah is a product manager at Oracle Corporation and has been with the company for over 15 years. His core responsibilities include Oracle Database In-Memory and Advanced Compression. Prior to moving to product management role, Vineet was a Senior Director of Development and managed the Data Storage Group (Data/Files/Indexes) and was responsible for the storage and access structures for the entire database, whether it is for heap tables, bitmap indexes, or columnar storage.This is a pivotal group that has the charter of providing technology leadership for the Oracle database server. Some of the recent efforts in this group have been in areas related to In-Memory Databases, Columnar Storage, Compression and ACO, Advanced Data Optimization and Information Lifecycle Management, Exadata Smart Scans, DBFS, Secure Files, caching and performance, and scalability in clustered server environments.